How to Predict Trends for Artists

How to Predict Trends for Artists

"How do I predict trends?" This is the big question for artists.

Well, anyone can predict trends. But to predict them correctly, you must have a deep understanding of the industry and the directions on the ground, giving you an insight into what consumers expect in the future.

Methods to predict or track trends 

Color palette: This can be done by tracking social media platforms like Pantone, New York Fashion, Shutterstock, and Pinterest. When you use these platforms, look up the recurring colors and follow them to know when they will emerge on the market to enable you to incorporate them into your work.


Pattern tracking: This can be accomplished by following up with favorite brands on social media platforms like Instagram and art blogs. Keeping an eye out for the new patterns of artwork they create, and carefully observing the similarities between the designs they are coming up with to predict what will happen next in the industry.


Motif trends: To predict this, you need to understand what is out there now, look for recurring ones, and connect to your creativity. You can also get ideas from the gift sections of retail brands to get insight into physical motif trends. 


Trend tracking tools


Google trends are one method for predicting trends because you can see consumer searches and what they are looking for to gain insight into what to expect in the market soon.

Trend Hunter is a great place to get consumer insight as it is one of the most significant trend communities that leverages human searches and AL. Although it operates on paid subscriptions, you can browse its free content for trends and ideas.


Cool Hunting is another platform to look up upcoming trends.


Ted Talks are a great way to keep track of what is coming up next because big brands come to talk about their experiences and what their customers should expect from them. You learn what consumers think about the preview trends and what they anticipate in the future.


Art reports from art galleries such as Society6, Redbubble, industry events, and art advisors help you get information and track upcoming trends.


Some brands and blogs to follow to see upcoming trends before they hit the market.


Some design blogs to keep an eye on to know what the designs are coming up with and stay on track.



Design milk

99 design blog

Creative Review


Some Instagram influencers you can follow as an artist to watch out for upcoming trends on Instagram.

Charly Clements

Natasha Martin,

Ann Shen

Lauren Hom


You can also do your research and watch out for influential brands. You can keep an eye on the content they are producing and get inspiration.



Tracking trends is not complex; it just requires some easy procedures like the ones I have listed above. If you keep practicing them, you will become a pro at predicting upcoming trends, which enables you to always come up with the latest design that will have mass appeal to your audience, make you more money, and expand your online presence. Remember to be your brand, track trends, incorporate them into your creativity, and be an authority in your industry.

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