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Want to paint in many styles but not sure if buying all the brushes is worth your money?

"Ultimate Painters' Kit " is the best value for money product and is our customers' all time fav. (Seriously! We don't have a single review that is not 5-star)

Get more than 1000 Carefully Crafted Brushes for Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Gouache & Alcohol Ink Painting as well as Brushes for All Kinds of Canvas and Paper textures, Plus Stamps for Brushstrokes and Splatter and 200 Color Palettes!

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  • @popcornnoseart

    My first time trying these brushes🥰

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  • @xuejia

    OMG! It's such a steal getting so many different kinds of brushes for this price!!! I love using the clouds and just dab them to create a watercolor effect. I have purchased a few items from this shop and I'll keep coming back.

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  • @yellowhorde

    I really like being able to create a more traditional art look using Procreate!

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  • @kyleighmaedionne

    Love these brushes! I’m having a hard time utilizing the brushes to get a really thick texture, however, I’ve done amazing pieces with these brushes that I would not have been able to do without them! I’ve been recommending them to my fellow digital artists.

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