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Procreate Bundle

192 Oil Acrylic Brushes for Procreate

192 Oil Acrylic Brushes for Procreate

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126 Oil Acrylic Brushes for Procreate. Realistic Oil Painting Acrylic Painting. Palette Knife, Impasto Strokes, Abstract Painterly Style etc.

This product includes: 33 gouache brushes, 33 color changing gouache brushes, 6 Wet on Wet Brushes, 10 Wet on Dry Brushes, 11 Semi-Dry and Dry Brushes, 9 Palette Knife Brushes, 2 Detail Brushes, 12 Blenders, 51 Color Changing Brushes, 24 Background Brushes, plus Special Brushes like Metallic, Impasto, Texture, Grunge, Smooth etc.. 

I spent hundreds of hours experimenting with all settings in Procreate to come up with these Super Realistic looking brushes that mimic the look of ACTUAL Acrylic and Oil painting. I originally had a lot more brushes but I decided to keep only these 192 because they are enough for creating just anything you want digitally without feeling overwhelmed or taking up too much space in your ipad. This selection includes all kinds of Procreate Oil and Acrylic brushes while offering varieties for each type. For example, you can even use "Wet on Wet Technique" using my Procreate Oil Acrylic Brushes.

This Product is part of the "Ultimate Painters' Kit" which can be found here


Commercial License Included.

No physical product will be shipped.

This is a digital product. Please download it directly on your ipad and open with Procreate. You need an ipad, ios 14, an apple pencil, the latest Procreate app, and basic Procreate skills to use my brushes.

If you have difficulties using it, please feel free to reach out to me :)


For Personnal and Commercial Use.

-Sell, share, or redistribute my files in whole or in part

You MAY:
-Use my files to create your own printed or physical art or print on demand products with some creative changes made (combining with other elements, adding a background and or text).

-Use my files to create your own graphic design resources EXCEPT Procreate products with some creative changes made (combining with other elements, adding a background and or text).

If unsure, feel free to ask me at


This Product is part of the "Ultimate Artist Procreate Bundle" which saves you 95% and can be found HERE.

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